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Monday, February 6, 2012

Sweet Treats at the Doughnut Plant, in Chelsea

donut plant 1 sm
Photo by myself at the Doughnut Plant, at 23rd Street and Seventh Avenue, in Chelsea.

The Doughnut Plant is a small bakery in Chelsea that specializes in all things donut. Dozens of donut lovers walked in and out while we were there, Saturday afternoon. Suprisingly, no one looked too overweight (!).

You would never think that square donuts existed, but they do. All the donuts sold here are made without eggs, preservatives or food coloring. So you can satisfy your little donut craving without doing yourself in.

Donut Plant 2

We took home one peanut butter jelly donut, one glazed and one wild blueberry. Unfortunately they were so delicious, only the peanut butter jelly donut survived to be photographed.

For the Doughnut Plant website, including a timeline of their history dating back to 1910, click here.

donut sm
The peanut butter and jelly donut with peanuts mixed in the glaze on the outside, and grape jelly on the inside. When eaten with eyes closed, it tastes mighty similar to a PB&J sandwich.

ps: Did anyone catch the Superbowl last night? Hooray Giants!

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biebkriebels said...

These are very different donuts I know. Those are almost pastry. I like the wall decorations in the shop.

Banjo52 said...

A tidbit--my local thinks-he's-a-doctor guru swears by his cardiologist that we may now eat as many eggs as we like. So it logically follows that donuts are health food. Doesn't it? Well, doesn't it?

Banjo52 said...

P.S. yes, it was a GREAT game. I thought I didn't care who won, but the Giants uniforms won me over by halftime. If you really loved them, you'd convince them to get more red into their home jerseys.

Olivier said...

j'adore ces coussins doughnut ;))
Avec la superbe victoire des GIANTS, cela doit etre la fete a NYC, j'aimerais bien voir la Ticker-tape parade en hommage aux Giants

RedPat said...

OMG but that looks good!

chickenunderwear said...

After going having one of their doughnuts, I find it much easier to keep running past Dunkin.

Did you go to their bathroom?

Kitty said...

Thanks everyone!

Hi Chicken,
I didn't go to their bathroom, but hey, now I have another excuse to swing by. I bet it's cute!

chickenunderwear said...

Cute is not the word for their bathroom.

You can take a peek here

It is also in the same building where Sid killed Nancy.

Leif Hagen said...

Yummy in the tummy, Kitty! I haven't had a good doughnut in weeks!
I'm back from attending the Jaipur Daily Photo blogger's wedding in northern India

Jenna Lynn said...

This sounds delicious! I can't believe I have never heard of it.. I must go!