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Monday, March 5, 2012

Get Your Tattoos, Downtown

Downtown, nyc
Photo by myself, somewhere downtown.

'Downtown' has long been associated with the cooler, hipper types.

For piercings, tattoos, hookahs and other transgressive items, one usually goes 'downtown'. Poetry slams are located downtown. So are social protests.

'Uptown' has traditionally been associated with the prim and proper. The older museums are located uptown. Park Avenue is located uptown (the street becomes Union Square East at 14th Street). These are generalities, of course.

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Olivier said...

NYC change beaucoup avec le prix de l'immobilier, ce qui fait que les généralités sont moins présentes. Les boites a la mode de manhattan maintenant sont a Brooklyn,ect...

Anonymous said...

Huh?! English please! We are in America. The best country in the world!!

Marcia said...

Anon Olivier is from France.

Kitty I watch NY Ink and love to see the area around the shop - Wooster Street.

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier!
yes, thankfully we're no longer limited to just Manhattan anymore. New York City has expanded to the 5 boroughs.

Hi Anon,
You ought to check out Olivier's blog, Evry Daily Photo. He is a very talented photographer.

Hi Marcia!
I will check out NY Ink in the next week or so. I haven't seen this show yet. It must be related to LA Ink?

Marcia said...


Sorry to say NY Ink had its last show last Tuesday and yes it's related to LA Ink and Miami Ink. You might check online for episodes, I'm not into tats, but the reason why people get them fascinates me. One person who came in for one was on the plane that landed in the Hudson and got it so they would never forget.

tattoo on hand said...

Yes, New York City has expanded to the 5 boroughs !

Great post :)