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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Looking for a Bargain, on Canal Street, Chinatown

Canal Street, nyc
Photo by myself on Canal Street and Broadway, in Chinatown.

Transactions do take place on Canal Street after the sun goes down, but not for long. Generally, the stalls pull down their shutters and this street is an absolute ghost town after dark.

All sorts of things are sold on Canal Street: T-shirts, electronics, fragrances, jewelry, bonsai plants, fountains, clothing, appliances, fake Chanel bags....to name a few.


We've been having some suddenly wonderful, warm days. March is usually chilly and temperamental in New York.

People have been sauntering around in shorts and flip flops already. Wednesday's weather is rumored to go into the 60's F (18 degrees Celsius).

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Olivier said...

superbe photo, j'aime cette ambiance de nuit dans NYC et ces lumieres des magasins

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Kitty you are a gem, I was about to glance at my converter when you said (18 C) that's def shorts and thongs even in Oz! Looks like you caught that interesting shop just before it was going to pull it's shutters down.
(I wonder if NYC will get one last cold snap!)

s.c said...

Wow what a street live you have. Great shot with lots of atmosphere. Like it.

RedPat said...

Same weather here in Toronto! Love that shot - so much atmosphere.

Marcia said...

Wow, 18º C is freezing winter for Brazilians. :) Specially in my city, Rio de Janeiro, where 40ºC is the average in the summer.

Frank Giugliano said...

love this nighttime shot. beautiful! you captured a moment that is so natural and everyday and turned it into art.

Rachael said...

this is such a great pictures - really captures NYC life