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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Working Under Bright Lights, at the Wooster Street Social Club

NY Ink, Wooster Street
Photo by myself at the Wooster Street Social Club, at Wooster and Grand Streets, in Soho.

The Wooster Street Social Club is otherwise known for the television reality series called NY Ink on TLC. I dropped in for a brief visit, Monday night.

Visitors were standing around the reception desk, browsing through the portfolios of each tattoo artist. A Wooster Street employee with fully inked forearms fielded questions.

Meanwhile in the back room, a few customers were being worked on. The front room, where NY is filmed, was completely empty except for a motorcycle near the window.

NY Ink, Wooster Street

NY Ink, Wooster Street
One woman reclined on a massage table, while her ankle was inked.

NY Ink, Wooster Street
One wall is covered with sketches done for past tattoos. A long lighttable is used to trace images.

NY Ink, Wooster Street

I haven't watched the NY Ink show yet, but I did see its sister show, LA Ink. I can see how the art, relationship among the tattoo artists and various customers would be fascinating to watch. Overall, the vibe in the parlor was chill.

The parlor is open from noon to 8pm. There are no reservations. Nice to know you can get inked after a long day at the office. ;-)

For the NY Ink site, including clips for the show and a beautiful tattoo slideshow, click here.

*A longtime reader, Marcia, recommended this visit, and I'm glad she did. If you have a favorite NY place you'd like me to visit, email me or leave a comment.

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Olivier said...

waouh superbe reportage sur ces tatoueurs, je trouve cela tres beau les tatouages, mais j'ai pas le courage de m'en faire un ;)

liisamarja said...

thanks for yet another nyc tip. i'm shopping for some more ink...

Anonymous said...

Double ouch...

Marcia said...

Hi Kitty,

Thx for the mention. Can I use this post on my resume, it's my first blog mention.

biebkriebels said...

Yek, you love it or not... Nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

I love pictures of tattoo places; I don't know why. LOL.

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier!
I am like you, I can't imagine getting a tattoo. haha.

Hi Liisamarja
I hope you go there for one! They all seemed very nice.

ha Abe!

Hi Marcia!
I'm so glad you saw this post!! Please feel free to use this. Thanks again for your suggestion!

Thanks Bieb! Haha, I am old fashioned like you. My mom would kill me if I ever got one.

Hi Talla,
I like them, too. There is usually a ton of color, and they're usually a dimly lit. I haven't seen a tattoo parlor that wasn't visually entrancing.

Steve Kennedy said...

Here is a cool place to visit: The Grolier Club at 47 East 60th Street the bipolar opposite of Wooster Street Social Club.

Luis Gomez said...

Love these shots Kitty. Great images. Wonderful place as well. Thank you!

Cesc Sales said...

good job!

RedPat said...

I am not a fan of needles! Great shots though Kitty.

Kitty said...

Thanks everyone!
Steve, I haven't heard of the Grolier Club and will try to check it out in the next week or so!

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

The first picture is amazing! The color of the girl's hair and the color of the light is wonderful!