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Saturday, March 24, 2012

On Chinatown and a Trip to Beijing

Chinatown, nyc
Photo by myself at Centre and Canal Streets, in Chinatown.

The streets were a-buzz the other night as people were shopping for fruit in Chinatown.

For whatever reason, vendors seem to use orange-colored plastic bags a lot in this neighborhood. You can always tell if someone has just come from Chinatown for supplies.

We've been having some misty mornings and evenings. In the background, you can just make out some of the taller courthouse buildings in lower Manhattan.


So the news is, I'll be visiting my brother in Beijing, in mid-April! HOLY COW. He was transferred some time ago by his law firm in LA, and I haven't gotten around to visit him until now. I'll be traveling with my dad, and it should be an incredible trip.

In the meantime, I've been trying to figure out how to keep posting on this blog. A number of websites are not accessible there, including Blogger, but you can post to Blogger via email. The only issue is having control of image sizes and quality.

I've blogged before from other places, like Mexico, Puerto Rico and Japan. Censorship hasn't been an issue until now.

Stay tuned. More later!

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Luis Gomez said...

Kitty very nice shot!

RedPat said...

Exciting news about your trip Kitty! Great shot.

liisamarja said...

aren't we lucky travgellers. you get to go to beijing and i get to go to nyc mid-april, yee for us!

Rose ~ from Oz said...

What exciting news KItty about the trip!
Wonderful street shot, expecially with the buildings in the b/ground.

kousuke said...

Take many photos in Beijing, Kitty!

J.C. said...

Blogger is not accessible in China. You may want to you the feature in Blogger to pre-schedule your posting, i.e. set the date and post your photos prior too your trip. Blogger will automatically publish your posting on the scheduled date. I sometimes do that when I know I will have no access to the internet while travelling.

Nice to learn that you will be heading to Beijing. I have seen some excellent shot of the Egg in Beijing by Scotty Graham on (http://scottygraham.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2011-01-01T00:00:00%2B07:00&updated-max=2012-01-01T00:00:00%2B07:00&max-results=50). Check it out and who knows you may return with lotsa excellent photos of Beijing! Enjoy your trip!

biebkriebels said...

Great you are going to Beijing. I shouldn't worry to much about your blogposting. Just enjoy your trip and post the photos later on.

Kitty said...

Thank you, everyone for the good wishes!!

Hooray, Liisamarja!
I'm so glad you'll be visiting nyc. April is the PERFECT time to be here. I wish you a fantastic time!

JC, there is also a way to post via email. You basically compose a post in html and email yourself. I've been trying it out and it seems to work. I will check out the egg!!!

Banjo52 said...

I really like these colors and mood.

Good luck in China!