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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The View from the Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan Bridge, nyc Photo by myself, from the Brooklyn Bridge.

The view from the Brooklyn Bridge up the East River is a scenic one. Here, you can see the Manhattan Bridge. One of the piers of the Brooklyn Bridge is to the right.

Today's photo is from the stash, taken in 2009 with my trusty Canon G5. I'm back in Brooklyn after my vacation, after flying from LA last night. 

My trip abroad went by much, much too quickly. I can now understand why people take 2 weeks off at a minimum when going around the world. Most of my time was spent napping at odd hours.

The week ahead will be rough, but I'm very happy to be back home. I was welcomed late last night at JFK airport by Mark and Rupert, our Boston Terrier.


za-marzeniami said...

Brooklyn Bridge - is a great place and great views.

Ken Mac said...

can't wait to see the China shots

biebkriebels said...

Yes it was a kind of "lighting visit", (a dutch expression).

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Can never get enough of manhattans bridges. Hope the boys did ok during your absence Kitty. Welcome home.

RedPat said...

A great shot! Welcome home.

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Welcome back Kitty! Hope you had a great time in China!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture Thanks!!!

liisamarja said...

welcome home...i've been home for a few days and jetlag is still bothering me, from china you must have a massive jetlag.

i would have loved to stay in nyc longer than a week, but the boyfriend has issues about being away from longer than that. i seriously doubt he will ever get into "new york state of mind"...

Kitty said...

Thanks Za!

Hi Ken,
I posted my China pics already, while I was on the road. Just scroll back a few days. ;-)

Hi Bieb
I will have to brush up on my Dutch!

Hello Rose,
I think Mark and Rup felt the length of my vacation more than I did, I was surprised. They are both happy I'm back. Thank you!

Thanks RedPat!

Hi Washington,
Thanks for the good wishes. I have mixed feelings being back. In all, a good trip.

Thanks Rowena!

Hi Liisamarja,
Can it be that you've been here and back already? It's crazy how time goes. I hope you had a good time!