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Friday, May 18, 2012

Free Massages, in Union Square

Free Massages, nyc Photo by myself, in Union Square.

A fellow wandered around Union Square the other day, bearing a sign for free massages.

I didn't see a line forming around him and I couldn't figure out the catch?

I was so tired Thursday night, I could only write the lines above. I had a meeting at 8am at 92nd and Park Avenue, which meant leaving the house at 7am, which meant getting up way earlier than I am used to (!).

In my bleary-eyed, non-functional trance-like state, I walked onto the wrong train (the B rather than the Q), which meant a less direct commute than planned, which resulted in me, running several blocks up Park Avenue in uncomfortable sandals, carrying my big bag of drawings.

Meanwhile, the Upper East Side crowd was waking up. They were walking their dogs and talking to their doormen. It was a beautiful Spring-like morning. I wound up being just on time. :-)


Olivier said...

c'est une très bonne initiative ;)

s.c said...

Looks a bit like white legs day. Who decide this is the day women can wear their miniskirts again? (The weather forecast?)

biebkriebels said...

Oh my, very short is the rule this summer? The ladies haven't seen much sun yet. We call this "milkbottles".

Virginia said...

HA, I think he was trying to pick up girls! :)

Banjo52 said...

Do you think that guy's motives are pure? Especially with a background full of women . . . Well, it's more creative than "hey, baby, wanna see my etchings."

I hate starting days the way you describe. Glad it ended up OK.

dariyalova said...
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dariyalova said...
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Anonymous said...

this guy, Roman, is famous