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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Balancing Act, Near Union Square

Elephant statue, nyc Photo by myself at 14th Street and Union Square East.

A giant bronze statue of an elephant standing on its trunk has been located at the corner of Union Square. People lounged in the comfort of its shade, last week.

The statue was installed last September. It will only remain there another couple weeks, until the end of May.  The statue has stood in Madrid and Barcelona.

The statue is the work of Spanish artist Miguel Barcelo. It stands 26-feet tall and weighs a whopping 5-tons. The artist worked with engineers to ensure that when erected, the elephant would not topple over (!)

For a bit more about the statue, click here.

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RedPat said...

Cool - I like it a lot!

biebkriebels said...

Did he learn this in the circus? Poor Dombo, he must walk on his four feet.

s.c said...

Great piece of art. Looks like a lot of fun to think and make such a statue.

Nori said...

Haha! I like this one!!

Virginia said...

I can't imagine the time and money it takes to move that huge thing around to different cities. Seems like they should put it somewhere and leave it. I think it's a great sculpture though.

Imago Genesis said...

That's fascinating! I passed by it in fall and knew nothing about it until I read your post. It's so interesting. Great blog! I'll make sure to follow it.

You're welcome to stop by my blog.

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

I saw this 2 weekends ago when in the city but was so crazy to get a cab did not take a photo! We kind of got stuck being in the village with all the street fairs to get a cab back to mid town. Part of the city I love and hate!! :))