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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Larger than Life Mural, in the East Village

School Mural, East Village Photo by myself, somewhere in the East Village.

A huge mural of kids' portraits adorned a wall of a parking lot, in the East Village. There were slogans describing the personalities of each kid, and references to school.

This is photo is another example of my flakiness - I don't remember where it was taken, only that it was in the East Village.

When I was there, I was just focused on admiring the art, and wishing the parking lot weren't so full. It was nice to see art aimed at kids and trying to get them interested in going to school.

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Olivier said...

elle est magnifique cette peinture murale, je note pour mon prochain voyage

RedPat said...

Nice one Kitty!

liisamarja said...

non-flakiness is over-rated! you stopped, admired the art, took a pic to share, and obviously had remembered to charge your camera, that's plenty in my book.