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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Before the Rangers Game, at Madison Square Garden

Rangers fans, nyc Photo by myself, in front of Madison Square Garden at 34th Street and 7th Avenue.

Fans of the New York Rangers piled on two double decker buses in front of Madison Square Garden, Monday night.

The buses circled the block, with all on board yelling in screaming. Game #2 of the Eastern semifinals against the Washington Capitals was to start only an hour later, inside.

There was a band playing on the steps outside, and the usual tons of people streaming along the sidewalk. The Madison Square Garden/Penn Station building is also the location for the 34th Street subway stop for the 1/9 line. Thousands of people arrive here everyday.

The Rangers are one of New York City's hockey teams; the other team is the New York Islanders. New York has two hockey teams, two baseball teams (Yankees and Mets), and two football teams (Giants and Jets).

Rangers fans, nyc

Below, Carol, a big Rangers fan, gave me a big smile. Her jersey was decorated with various pins, just a sampling of her huge collection.
  Rangers fan, nyc

Update: Sadly the Rangers lost in overtime to the Capitols, 3-2. The series is a best of seven games.

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s.c said...

Nice pictures . When we are in NY we mostly stay at the pennsylvania hotel and are always amazed at the crowds in this neighborhood.

Andy said...

Nice photos of fans having fun.

Here in Canada, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a wager with Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird ahead of opening game in New York. If the Rangers win, Baird must wear New York blue. If the Senators prevail, Clinton must don Ottawa red. As it turned out John lost the bet and donned a New York Rangers hockey jersey to fulfill the terms of a bet he made with Hillary over the playoff series.

Cesc Sales said...

Go Rangers, Go FC Barcelona!!!!!

Ken Mac said...

go team go

liisamarja said...

well over 10 yrs ago i was visiting nyc and had gotten tickets to a rangers game thru a friend of friend. i went to the game with another friend who knew nothing about ice-hockey. we ended up sitting among the suits in a box so close to the players we could smell them...we got our faces up on the monitors (i count that for my friend's beauty, she's from india). i've forgotten who won but the whole experience was such an adrenalin rush that we still talk about it. thanks for bringing that rush back!