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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Waiting Together, along Fifth Avenue

Support Photo by myself around 34th Street and Fifth Avenue, in Midtown.

An older couple stood patiently, waiting for the light to change.

For some reason, this photo has been languishing in my stash for a while. I would quickly pass it by, judging it solely on whether the image shows enough action, variety, New York interest, etc.

But last night, I had some time, and I flipped through images with more thoughtfulness. I'm glad I did.

The sidewalks in New York can be terribly uneven. Fortunately in recent years, the city has taken to shaving down uneven parts. It's still best to walk with care, if you're in a crowd or if you're older.

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s.c said...

Nice shot of the way we all have to go.

Andy said...

I know the feeling of being an older couple and you have captured that feeling in your photo.

Cheri said...

It's a lovely photo!

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

I think there's something much more wonderful than just taking care here, Kitty. This couple obviously has a lot of history, a long, amicable relationship that has them still touching, enjoying being together... and yes, looking out for each other. On our most recent trip to NYC (just a few weeks ago!), we stayed on the Upper East Side. New York is filled with fast-paced people bustling up the sidewalk (and we bustled with the best of them). But this visit, I also noticed a lot of people moving at a slower pace. Many of them were older and were doing so out of necessity--some using walkers even. Some were older couples like this one, just enjoying themselves and each other. I was happy to see fast-paced New York accommodating them in the mix.

Francisca Mattéoli said...

I like this picture very much. Very moving. Also, it says so much about what is important in life. To have a friendly or loving person around, who stays with us when we don't know how to cross the streets - and I mean any kind of streets.

Thanks and bonjour from a Chilean travel writer in Paris,

Francisca Mattéoli