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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Look, in Times Square

The look, in Times Square Photo by myself in Times Square, at 42nd Street and 7th Avenue.

Just a split second at Times Square. There were crowds of people as usual and I caught a woman looking a little miffed.

Times Square is not just the location of bright lights and signage. The 42nd Street subway station services many, many train lines, and the bus station at Port Authority sees tons of commuters daily. Buses run to Boston, New Jersey, upstate New York and elsewhere.

At each intersection, there is a mix of commuters scurrying quickly to catch their ride home and visitors wandering around slowly. The area can be overwhelming.

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kenju said...

I know the locals get miffed at gawking tourists - even I do - and I would be one of the tourists! lol

RedPat said...

I know how she feels sometimes. Great capture!

K10 said...

When we visit NY, that's the subway stop nearest the apartment where we usually stay. I get frustrated with the slow gawkers, too!