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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sausage Guys, in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Sausage guy, Brooklyn Photo by myself on 7th Avenue, in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Street fairs are a regular occurrence in the summer months. Above, a guy at a sausage kiosk gave me a friendly wave.

Streets are shut down to car traffic, allowing pedestrians to wander from booth to booth. Booths sell all sorts of food and handicrafts, including t-shirts, jewelry and hand-painted art.

The only trouble with street fairs is that they interrupt traffic patterns, and you're not allowed to park on that street. On every single day of every weekend, there is a street fair taking place somewhere.

For a comprehensive schedule of the street fairs in the city and some parts of New Jersey, click here.

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Anil P said...

That's a nice front they're operating out of.

Have always liked the concept of street fairs. But, yes, it can disrupt traffic flows. Hopefully the cheer it brings to the streets should offset the inconvenience.

RedPat said...

It's the same here and traffic is really disrupted but they are such fun aren't they?

Imogen Cooper said...

The street fairs sound great. I'm visting New York in a few weeks so will be sure to look out for one. I am staying in a serviced apartment and whilst it is nice I want to be there as little as possible and see as much of NY as possible. Will keep checking your blog for more tips.

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.