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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Eye-Popping Signage at Pop Pub, on University Place

Pop Burger, University Place Photo by myself at University Place and 13th Street, near Union Square.

The giant cut-out sign at the pick-up window at Pop Pub is visible from the sidewalk. The descriptions advertise the scrumptious menu to the street.

Pop Burger is a chain, with three locations in the city. The other locations are at 58th Street in Midtown and Ninth Avenue and 15th Street, in Chelsea.

Besides burgers, sandwiches and salads, other pub food is available, such as pork chops, fried calamari and fish and chips (!). There is a full list of beers and wine available.

I haven't eaten at Pop Burger, and reviews are mixed. As with any restaurant, do read reviews before going.

You can see their menus and even order online from the Pop Burger website, here.

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