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Monday, September 3, 2012

Peeping in, on 28th Street

28th Street, nyc Photo by myself around 28th Street and Broadway, in the Flatiron District.

When looking up from the sidewalk, it's sometimes easier to notice how different the buildings are that wind up next to each other.

A relatively new apartment tower stands on the far left. The building second from the right seems to have loft-like apartments, with high ceilings. The building in the middle looks to be a walk-up.

Whenever we get back from traveling, I have renewed interest in taking photos of New York.

Part of this is because when you're traveling, you're traveling...and you have all day to enjoy yourself and take photos. Not so in daily life.

The other part is that looking out at different cities and cultures makes me appreciate home, and makes me want to invest the same energy into really looking at it. I'm looking forward to walking around the city streets very soon.

Today is Labor Day, which marks the un-official end of summer!

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Olivier said...

un joyeux "Labor Day". Souvent on aime redecouvrir sa ville apres les vacances et puis NYC ON A TOUJOURS ENVIE de la redecouvrir ;)

Cesc Sales said...

absolutely agree. but ny...is ny!!!