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Monday, November 19, 2012

Outside the Beauty Bar, on 14th Street

Beauty Bar, East Village
Photo by myself on 14th Street and Second Avenue, in the East Village.

The Beauty Bar enjoyed popularity back in the day when many bars had different 'themes'. The vintage sign and storefront make a distinctive impression.

Mark and I were surprised this bar was still open, when we walked by, Sunday afternoon. There was a Halloween display in the cool front window. My memories of this place are extremely hazy.

Apologies for the on-and-off and delayed posts, folks. I'm once again going through a low point with taking photos. Absolutely nothing seems to look good.

Fortunately, I see these periods as more positive rather than negative. These days are not easy, but to me, they are periods of growth. At least, that's what I tell myself.

Anyway, please bear with me. Happy Monday, everyone!

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Carraol said...

Great image, love street photography and NYC with its endless possibilities!

Andy said...

The beauty Bar must be doing something right or else they would have been long gone.
When it come to photography I've had those low points before. The best thing about them is they will pass.

Gerry Suchy - Hampshires Neighbor said...

No need to apologize about the lack of inspiration. It happens, especially to those of us that have full time jobs. I'm in one of those periods now and haven't been out shooting for two weeks. It passes. Great shot of the Beauty Bar.

Gerry, Washington, DC

dianasfaria.com said...

I agree with you, & I also think it's inevitable to go through these difficult periods in creating art. I just hope you know this is a GREAT shot.

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

The black and white of this image plus the shot itself made it feel vintage, from the '60s maybe. Not a given just because of black and white, but this shot just brought it all together.

Leslie said...

Great shot! I will look for this place.

Anonymous said...

The beauty bar seems a great one. I will love to visit this place .