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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Borough of Brooklyn, on the Subways and No Reservations

Q Train, Brooklyn
Photo by myself on the Q Train, in Brooklyn.

Just another night underground on the way home.

You know the drill. The boom box comes out. The kids start clapping and calling out in loud voices to enjoy the show. And then it begins.

The twirling, the whirling, the flipping upside down and yelling. Meanwhile the rest of us are trying to sleep or read or play that game on the phone that we're addicted to.

The commute between Brooklyn and Manhattan went smoothly Monday. You wouldn't have known there'd been a hurricane at all.

Speaking of Brooklyn, Anthony Bourdain chose our humble borough as the location for the final episode of his food show, 'No Reservations'. The show premiered last night.

Tony includes some new high end restaurants with tasting menus and some old school restaurants that have been around forever. He even takes a ride around Red Hook with Ralph Balzano, whose pad I photographed a few years ago (!).

Mark and I watched the final episode and were amazed by the list of restaurants we'd never heard of and now have to visit. It was very flattering for Bourdain to choose Brooklyn to showcase, since he's sampled food all over the world.

For more about Bourdain's final episode of No Reservations, click here.
For my impromtu photo session with Ralph and his incredible hang out pad in Red Hook, click here.

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Olivier said...

la photo est superbe (et cela ne doit pas etre facile dans le metro), et belle demonstration

Andy said...

I used to drive subway trains in Toronto and I loved it when I got free entertainment.

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Hi Kitty. Nice shoot!
I also enjoy Anthony Bourdain's show. I remember an episode about Manhattan that was great.

Γιάννης Πολιτόπουλος said...

Great blog!!!
Yannis Politopoulos

Brianna Asaro Photography said...

I'm going to miss No Reservations. One of my favorite shows on TV. I suspected he might choose NYC as his final destination. It's everything that's right with cooking and eating and society!
Ps. Great photo --- that is exactly WHY I love NYC!

Cesc Sales said...

My favourite borough!

Banjo52 said...

So the Bourdain show is quitting for good, or just the season? I didn't watch all that much, but always found it interesting when I did.

dianasfaria.com said...

great story Kitty! I don't know how I missed your original Ralph post but from your story & photos he seems just as interesting as Mr. Bourdain.
Now I have to go & watch the final episode.