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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Serenade, Below 59th Street

59th Street, nyc
Photo by myself, below 59th Street, Columbus Circle.

A musician serenaded the subway platform, Tuesday night.

Sitting on a suitcase, with his guitar plugged into an amp, the singer also used his left foot to operate a drum. A one-man band!

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Andy said...

This is another one of your photos that I am enjoying. Keep on clicking.

s.c said...

Funny to look at the faces of the other people. How to look in such an environment.

biebkriebels said...

My eyes are attracted to the man with his fur hat!

SRQ said...

Definitely a slice of life in NYC. Was he any good?

Ken Mac said...

what style of music ?

Susan Sink said...

I'd like to get permission to use a photo of Park Slope you took in October 2012 on a cowbird.com post. You can read it here: http://cowbird.com/story/62026/Park_Slope_1990/. I did credit the photo at the bottom of the poem. It is not exactly where I lived, but really captures the feel of that neighborhood (and doesn't have a Starbucks in it!!)

Please let me know-- if not, I will take it down.

Susan Sink: susanmsink@gmail.com

Kitty said...

Thanks Andy!

Hi SC and Bieb
I loved the looks of the other people, too, ha. And I think it's a woman in the hat!

SRQ, he was very good! He was crooning away and quite a few people were standing around, mesmerized.

Hi Ken!
I'm not sure what genre it was, sort of bluesy and heartfelt.

Hi Susan,
No problem at all for using the photo. Thanks for asking!