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Sunday, August 11, 2013

RIP Big Nick's, on the Upper West Side

Big Nick's, RIP
Photo by myself, around 76th Street and Broadway, on the Upper West Side.

After 51 years, Big Nick's, the scruffy burger joint on Broadway, shuttered its doors.

A large sign explained their predicament - their rent was raised from $42k to $60k per month. There was absolutely no way to survive.

In the reflection of the glass you can see the new high rise building across the street, a symptom of luxury living that precipitated Big Nick's demise. Below, a photo from an earlier visit. The array of signs gave the place a certain something something.

I've posted a few other photos of Big Nick's in the past. There were always a few tables on the sidewalk outside, neon signs in the windows and a warm vibe. I will miss this place and its charm.

For a look at Nick's in its heyday, click here and here.

Big nicks int sm

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RedPat said...

That's ridiculous rent. No wonder all the small independents are disappearing. Sad!

Ken Mac said...

Bummer! That has been there as long as I remember, back in late 80s.

Kitty, Space Womb is in LIC, alive and kicking! Close to PS1.