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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Getting Around Traffic, in Midtown

Biking, in NYC
Photo by myself, in Midtown.

There is so much traffic in the city these days, getting around town is very frustrating.

Just getting down the street can be torture. I've spent many a cab ride with the cab driver ranting and raving and shaking a fist at the sky. Ha.

The only good thing about gridlock? Cyclists can weave ahead of the traffic jam.

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s.c said...

Is this also shot from a cab. Then you must think about a bike. Daily life can become really frustrated by these annoyances.

biebkriebels said...

Long live the bike in a city.

Olivier said...

j'applaudis les cyclistes qui osent rouler dans les grandes villes, cela ne doit pas etre evident

RedPat said...

It frustrates the hell out of me! Walking seems like a good idea.

LilKittie said...

Haha, cycling is almost always the best idea, at least when the weather is good. At first, I hated the fact that the city is almost completely closed, but we all know that the world needed that UN meeting. My wife and I were in NYC last week and we were pretty disappointed to hear, but then our hotel allowed us to rent bikes for really cheap. We burned up some of the carbs consumed with NYC-style pizza and got to see the real city, so it was a win situation for us.