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Monday, June 1, 2015

Outside the Lockwood de Forest House, in the Village

NYU Center for Jewish life
Photo by myself on East 10th Street and Fifth Avenue, in the Village.

A gorgeous brick building with intricate hand carvings was once a private residence for a wealthy shipping family. It is now the Center for Jewish Life for New York University students.

All the wood is teak, a hard wood that can withstand our terrible winters. With its beautiful detail that hails not just another time but another world, this building dates back to the late 1800's. Wowee!!!

NYU purchased the building for a mere 2.5 million back in 1994. I can't imagine what the cost would be now, with real estate prices as crazy as they are.

For an article about the building's history, see this article in the New York Times, here.

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s.c said...

A lot of carved wood here. That you don't see these days anymore. Nice Kitty

biebkriebels said...

A pretty unusual building for NY.

Birdman said...

What design. What detail. There's style here.

RedPat said...

It is wonderful, Kitty!