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Monday, December 29, 2008

Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Photo by myself from the edge of Prospect Park, Brooklyn. The surrounding neighborhood, Park Slope, consists of single and multiple-family row houses and apartment buildings.

Prospect Park is a 500+ acre park in Brooklyn. It was designed by Fredrick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux, who also designed Central Park in Manhattan. The rolling hills and pathways host soccer games, runners, picnics and dogs.


By the way, if you are thinking of getting a puppy anytime soon, be prepared. It is a full time job.

Our puppy, Rupert, is five months old. We took him to a dog run and Prospect Park several times this weekend for exercise. After each outing he napped, then woke up to wreak more havoc.

Rupert's favorite thing is to steal things like socks, shoes, slips of paper, pillows, basically anything that isn't nailed down and isn't too heavy. Then he tears through the apartment with two adults after him, his ears flattened against his head. His eyeballs circle around to see where we are and whether we are sufficiently annoyed.

Incidentally, dogs go through a teething period, just like people. They start out with cute baby teeth. As their jaws grow bigger, the scary looking adult teeth come in.

I noticed that Rupert's grip wasn't so tight during tug-o-war, and little blood stains were being left behind (!). Knowing that people use carrots when human babies are teething, I gave him a carrot while cooking stew this weekend.

Soon one carrot led to another and now there are multiple carrots and carrot bits around the house. Rupert likes to gnaw on them with his molars, propping the carrot up between this front paws. The combination of rubbery texture and sweet taste makes for the perfect teething instrument.

Teething (with a carrot)

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Fredrik said...

Rupert is just adoring! Like my neighbor Signe, the Jack Russel Terrier. Also a puppy with Jaws tendency!
The carrot was a great idea. Like the park picture too. Looks strangely deserted.

roentarre said...

Fantastic capture and I love the profound zen in this shot

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

You are totally right about puppies [and dogs, for that matter] being a full-time job. So even though I'm charmed by things like the cute shot of Rupert working over the carrot, I just remember what it was like when I actually had a dog and say "no, thanks." Still, it's nice for him [and you] to have such a lovely park to run around in.

Mom Knows Everything said...

OMG He is absolutely adorable!!!

ck said...

Our Rhodesian Ridgeback ate carrots in her entire life. I thought that was strange for awhile but when you think about it, what snack could be better than carrot? Sweet, crunchy, and nutritional. Therefore we made constant run to Costco just to get those huge bags of carrot for the dog.

about to be single said...

oh yes..puppies. can't live with them..can't live without them. I've been visiting your blog but have not posted. I love your photos. I love NYC and your photos always take me back there.

Kitty said...

Ha, Fredrik!
Thanks so much. He is quite photogenic when he's not moving.

The weather was not so good Sunday, so there were few people outside.

Thanks so much James, I am flattered!

Hi Terry
Great to hear from another puppy survivor.
Yes, we are lucky to have a huge park relatively nearby.

Thanks Tammy dear!

Hi Connie and welcome
How cool to know another carrot-eating dog? I think more should be made of this natural and inexpensive treat.

Welcome Anni
Glad to know that my photos manage to represent a fraction of this city!

Olivier said...

j'adore ce parc (et puis peut être la rencontre avec Paul Auster au détour d'un chemin (raté pour moi cette année ;o)) ). belle photo b&w, de ce petit central-parc en plus sauvage.
I love this park (and can then be meeting with Paul Auster there a way (failed for me this year ;o))). beautiful photo b&w, this small central park in sight.

Kitty said...

Ah, Olivier, i love Paul Auster, too!!!!