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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Uggs in Times Square

Uggs near Times Square
Photo by myself near Times Square, around 6th Avenue and 41st Street.

On the street corner I encountered either the spokesmodels for Uggs, or an up-and-coming girl band.

It was in the mid-40s on Monday and brightly sunny. The sidewalks were swarming with visitors and people taking off of work.


The countdown has begun to the new year.

I'm not sure what Mark and I will do. We've been invited to a couple events, but there is a very, very high chance we will stay in.

For the last few years we have wound up in front of the television. Correction, I have wound up in front of the television at the stroke of midnight, while Mark has been sound asleep under the covers.

This year he will be under the covers with a certain mischievous dog. The cat and I will tough it out til the end!

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Fredrik said...

Members of the dreadful Y-generation. Great shot!
I guess you and Mark will not be at Time Square at New Years Eve then? It's stil the place to be that night, or?

Kizz said...

Come to Clinton Hill and check out the Steampipe Whistle Blow thingee at Pratt. It's a hoot, sort of literally.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Uggs are my second least favourite types of footwear, second only to Crocs. I've been quite upset to hear they are making a comeback.

I'm like Mark on NYE, I'm usually in bed snoozing at the stroke of midnight, although my excuse is that I'm usually jetlagged. Since I've had to extend my time in the UK I'll be up and alert at midnight for the first time in years. I'm not sure what to do with myself ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great picture, as always.

Wow, do they scream TOURISTS or what?!!!

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

If I ruled the world... I mean, if I were in New York on New Year's Eve, I think I would try to see the fireworks in Central Park. Times Square has always sounded too amateur-hour-mardi-gras to me.

Still, I get the hunkering down thing too. Whatever you do, happy new year to you, Mark and the critters, Kitty!

Miranda McAfee said...

Wow... someone needs to tell those girls Uggs are so not the right choice in footwear.

Mom Knows Everything said...

I guess Uggs are in this year. I think they are kinda ugly, but as long as they are warm who cares right?

about to be single said...

I'd hate to live in the city where uggs are a necessity but then who else would where. Yes,I concur, uggs are right up there with crocs -- those are just ridiculous...imjo.

Ming the Merciless said...

Happy New Year!

Am going the low key route too.

Anonymous said...

The boots must be warm because they sure aren't good looking.

Unknown said...

uggs+girls = damn you're lost. Well, maybe if you'll take a Broadway Tour in those you'll look normal.