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Monday, February 2, 2009

A Careful Choice, in Chinatown

Tough choice
Photo by myself in Chinatown, Brooklyn.

Celebrations for Chinese New Year were going on Sunday, all along 8th Avenue in Brooklyn's Chinatown. Drums were beating while families walked about. Children purchased harmless firecrackers and silly string.

The boy above made his selection of Silly String after weighing his options.


For those who don't know, 2009 is the year of the Ox in Chinese astrology.

The Ox is known for being hardworking and dependable, which makes sense for our world situation. Hopefully we will reap the benefits of our hard work next year.

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roentarre said...

This is a very good capture

Festive seasons!

valeria said...

Cute pic!
Hopefully the Ox will be of good omen!

Kengot said...

Should we work hard like ox this year?

Eva said...

Look at his eyes! I remember being that age and every day brought something new. The world was one large curiosity box and the opportunities were endless. (Can you tell I had a happy childhood? :-) )

Anonymous said...

Ox Emblem: Work. Family. Country.

chimesey said...

Excellent - as always...

Here is where I captured some of London's Chinese New Year preparations...


Fredrik said...

Wow! Great presence in this one.