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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shoot the Freak, Coney Island

Coney Island, NYC
Photo by myself on the boardwalk in Coney Island.

An image from a while ago, when the boardwalk in Coney Island was under repair.

During the off-season, the shop fronts look completely derelict. In the summer though, the boardwalk is usually packed with people strolling about, enjoying the scenery.


Not much to report here. We are gearing up for a sale of goods at our building, Sunday.

'Stoop sales', as they are called, are very popular in Brooklyn. Few people have garages or yards, so it would be odd to call them 'garage sales' or 'yard sales'. We do have plenty of stoops, though, which is the term for steps leading from the sidewalk.

Stoop sales are a great way to socialize and get rid of your junk. Space is limited in New York, so it's good to be clutter-free.

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Doug Pologe said...

I was a little curious to know what "Shoot the Freak" was, and I found this brief NPR audio over here http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=1274227 .

Darwin would have been beaming with pride. Then again, after "Shoot the Freak" who needs Darwin?

Wayne said...

Getting rid of your junk at a stoop sale seems to me like only half of the equation. Someone must be acquiring your junk for the project to get off the ground.

I regret never having been to Coney Island. It holds a lot a fascination for me.

NYC Rhymology said...

A fine shot, Kitty, well done!

Laura Cousins said...

Here in the UK we have "Car Boot Sales" where people congregate to sell whatever they can fit in the boot (trunk) of their cars. Great social events, too. Government is currently considering taxing them, which I think is completely dog-in-the-manger.