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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Highlights from Japan, Part Two

Akasana, Tokyo
Photo by myself of an eatery in Asakusa, a historic district in Tokyo.

Mark and I traveled home today from Tokyo, Japan.

I must say that I didn't expect Japan to be so chaotic and yet so orderly. It was clean, brimming with people and energy but also relatively quiet. And of course, it was hot beyond belief. If you plan to visit, I would advise against going in July and August, since heat + humidity + walking around is tough on the body.

The lovely people and the country's incredible history made our trip absolutely precious. We will certainly be back soon.

Here are more highlights from our trip.


Ameyoko, Tokyo
The Ameyoko markets in Ueno, Tokyo, where tiny stalls are tucked under the train tracks. Very Bladerunner-esque.

Ameyoko, Tokyo
The stalls in Ameyoko sell everything from clothing to electronics to dried fish. One of the stalls was spraying a fine mist of cool water.

Ameyoko, Tokyo
It was insanely hot and humid during our stay. One fellow in Ameyoko cooled off by eating watermelon.

Aoyama, Tokyo
A young woman chatting on the phone in Aoyama, an upscale area in Tokyo.

Bird, Fukuoka Japan
A gorgeous bird stalked fish for his lunch, in Fukuoka.

Shibuya, Tokyo
A favorite pastime in Japan is gambling. Parlors for Pachinko and slots are open every day.

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Nori said...

We also enjoyed your point of view through your blogs in our country, Kitty!

Luis Gomez said...


dianasfaria.com said...

I can see why you are sad to leave Kitty. You've captured a fascinating look into Japan.
Welcome home!

Washington said...

Hi Kitty. Nice pictures. Japan is so interesting because everywhere the contrast between the ancient and the modern is evident. It is a wonderful country with such gentle people. I would love to go back (as a tourist this time).
Have a safe trip back home.

Ken Mac said...

Thanks for all the great photos. Welcome home

kousuke said...
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Kitty said...

Thanks Nori and Luis!

Thanks Lily. I highly recommend a visit. It was incredible.

Hi Washington
I agree. And you're right, the people were very gentle and polite. It must have been something to have lived there.

Thanks Ken!

Thanks for the correction, Kousuke!