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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tourists' Eye View, Fifth Avenue

Tourbus view, Fifth Avenue
Photo by myself on Fifth Avenue, around 21st Street.

The double-decker tour bus point of view is always a cool one, since you're removed from the distractions and mayhem of the sidewalk. You can get a better sense of the architecture of each neighborhood from this vantage point.

Lower Fifth Avenue, between 23rd Street and Washington Square Park, is a favorite spot of mine. There are some beautiful buildings there and great clothing stores, too.

For those who dislike tour buses, take the M5 New York City bus, which starts on the Upper West Side. It travels down Fifth Avenue and winds up in the Village. Northbound, the bus runs on Sixth Avenue up to Central Park, then turns west to head uptown.

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elsie said...

the big red double decker bus tour is my one concession to not being readily identified as a tourist whey I'm in NYC - as you said the views are so totally worth it!

Olivier said...

ah les célèbres bus "sightseeing",je crois que tous les touristes les ont pris au moins une fois pour visiter NYC...(et quand il pleut, j'adore les anoraks rouges ;o)) )

dianasfaria.com said...

One day I will take this tour.

Kitty said...

Ha Elsiee, I don't blame you. Btw I think there is absolutely no shame in looking like a tourist here.

Hi Olivier
yes, these buses are famous, aren't they? They are hard to miss!

Hi Lily
You and me both!

Thanks Saya!