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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Under the Canopies in Bryant Park

Bryant Park, NYC
Photo by myself in Bryant Park, looking southeast.

The shopping season has indeed begun. Bryant Park is fully decorated with small kiosks selling stuff. The main lawn is occupied with an ice rink for the winter months. There are seating areas and food stalls for those needing a break or a snack.

All around the park are tall office buildings, including the main branch of the New York Public Library (the newly-cleaned building with the arched windows, above). Many people prefer this park because it is so well proportioned - not so small as to feel dwarfed by the buildings above, but not so large that you feel distant from them.

These photos are from late Friday afternoon. From what I could tell, most people were visiting from out of town.

Bryant Park, NYC
The view northeast. Seating areas are littered with fall leaves.

Bryant Park, NYC
Timbered canopies are festooned with lights.

Bryant Park, NYC
The view west toward Sixth Avenue. The plantings in this park are well done.

For those curious, click here for my photos from last holiday season.

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Cesc Sales said...

I Love Bryan Park!!!!

lewi14@gmail.com said...

looks like a busy but friendly place.

Kitty said...

Ha Cesc!

Hi Lewi
Yes, the lighting makes it warm and inviting.

Leovi said...

Stunning autumn colors with a wonderful light and are perfect frames.

Anonymous said...

New york is amazing :)

My dream is go to the NY :D
York blog is very interesting :)

My name is Iga :) I form Poland :)
Write to my to my email ;)

dianasfaria.com said...

Your description of Bryant Park is perfect - no wonder I like it there.

Pierre said...

When buildings and trees are friends, human are happy

LittleRobinBird said...

I simply LOVE your blog. I love how you describe the littlest details, love the photographs (of course), and love the NYC feeling. Just wanted to say =)

Rosalie said...

Great photos. Captures the atmosphere. Our big shopping day is Boxing Day. I love the busyness of special-times crowds in cities.

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

I saw these when I was in for the Chocolate Show a few weeks ago. Looked lovely as always. Bryant Park is a special place indeed!! Great pix!!

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Thanks for the wonderful New York fix, Kitty! I've been thinking about NYC a lot lately, and this gave me a nice glimpse of this beautiful park as well as the season taking hold of the city. To the outside world, Central Park gets all the press, but this one is obviously well used and well loved. One thing I admire about NYC is how much people make use of every square inch of green space there.

Olivier said...

Je veux y etre ;o)) superbe serie qui me fait rever rever rever.
Tu as vu il y a un concours sur flickr sur le bryant park et l'hiver.

Katie said...

A place I love to visit, no matter how cold it gets during the season!