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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Along for the Ride, in Columbus Circle

Riding Tandem
Photo by myself in Columbus Circle, at Central Park South and Columbus Avenue.

Just as the light turned color, this duo crossed my path in Columbus Circle. You can see the globe sculpture near the Trump International Tower and subway station in the background.

I had barely enough time to grab my camera, so this photo is a bit overexposed.

Fortunately for everyone, this little dog had his leash attached to the inside of the carrier. He was very, very excited and jumped up and down, yipping and yapping.

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Olivier said...

photo culte, c'est un taxi pour chien ? ;o)))

Beatrice B. said...

hahahaha so funny. Isn't this for kids actually? So cute how he's gazing outside and with the stars and stripes at the back ;)


biebkriebels said...

Yes we have them here usually for kids, but this is fun too.

Kate said...

Love your capture. Bought a Burly when my grandkids were small but can now use if for grocery shopping. Our dog is too big for a free ride from me.

Nori said...

is the cage only for such kind of pet?

matt said...

Alright for the countryside but not in the city your kids head at the same height as the tailpipes!!! and if some one drives into you...

Kitty said...

Thanks Olivier!
yes, it should be colored yellow. Ha.

Hi Beatrice
I agree, the flag is a nice touch.

Thanks Bieb!

Hi Kate and welcome
ah...a 'burly'. Nice to know the technical term. I can see how that would be perfect for grocery shopping.

Hi Nori
I have no idea but I do think it's more for kids to ride behind? It does look so nice and beachy, a bit odd to see in the city.

Matt, I agree, I think this tandem arrangement is dangerous. People and cars are not looking for a smaller vehicle behind a bike. Obviously it doesn't have an airbag.

This happens all the time on the sidewalk - people will walk around pulling their luggage on wheels. Other people walking in the opposite direction are not looking for that and disaster is a step away.

Tiago said...

The man on the bicycle reminds me my late grandfather. He was a very cautious man, and so this cyclist is. Did you notice that he is wearing a belt and a suspenders(like my grandfather use to do)?

Eki said...

This photo makes me smile. :)

RedPat said...

Very brave little dog! Those taxis can be pretty scary up close.

Marcia said...

A friend of mine used to take his dachshunds riding like this when he did hi daily workout and they loved it.

Banjo52 said...

Very nice. Seems like Boston terriers have become more popular lately. Do you have an impression?