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Friday, September 14, 2012

In the Shade, on Park Avenue

Sunshade device, Park Avenue Photo by myself on Park Avenue around 62nd Street, on the Upper East Side.

I took this while passing by in a cab. A woman was using her huge purse to shield herself from the sun.

There is a the token canopy outside a Park Avenue apartment building in the background. A guy in a suit walks by yapping on his cell phone.

There is scaffolding. Every block seems to have scaffolding. Whenever buildings are being cleaned or repaired, scaffolding is put up to protect pedestrians from being hit on the head.

We've been blessed with gorgeous weather these last few days, with low humidity and bright sun. Hooray!

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Andy said...

So you are a cab drive by photographer. Looks like they both have the same tailor:-)

Kitty said...

ha, yes Andy. This was a drive-by shooting!

Wayne said...

I have to get up pretty early to beat Andy. He has a 3 hour head start.

Gerald (SK14) said...

they both look so serious!