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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Below the Big Chandelier, at the Paramount Hotel

Hotel Paramount, nyc
Photo by myself at the Paramount Hotel at 46th Street and Eighth Avenue, in Midtown.

Smack dab in the midst of all the screaming LED signs in Times Square, is the Paramount Hotel.

The hotel was opened by the hotelier Ian Schrager and the lobby was designed by Phillipe Starck. A gigantic chandelier hangs in the middle of the space. When it opened, the bar of this hotel was a destination. Now, not so much.

Visitors should not forget that hotel lobbies are akin to public spaces. If you're ever in need of rest, you can stumble into one of the hundreds of hotel lobbies here, where a big, plush chair awaits you.

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Banjo52 said...

Is it just me, or do a lot of the nicer hotel lobbies look too spiffy and pure to be comfortable? This room is a visual delight, but can anyone other than Cary Grant feel at home here?

Kitty said...

So true, Banjo. Homey it ain't.

Actually the space is much cooler in real life. The photos lack a good deal of umph.

K10 said...

Many a hotel lobby has saved my poor, tired tourist feet! If you're lucky, you can also find a restroom!